Friday, July 22, 2011

7/22/11—Blowing Your Mind

Today's Draw: Ace of Feathers from the Margarete Petersen Tarot. Do you think you are limited to the life you spend here on earth? Have you ever thought about what influence you might have on the universe, if any? What thoughts blow your mind?

The Ace of Feathers (Swords) signifies a time of mental clarity, focus and insight. Margarete Petersen adds to that, saying it speaks to our limitless nature and being one with the universe.

I'll have to remember to write an entry about our limitlessness sometime, but for some reason I'm thinking about something I've mused over many a time. The earth is a closed system. Energy like radiation can escape our atmosphere and enter our atmosphere, but pretty much nothing else can. A meteorite can enter through sheer force and velocity, and a rocket can leave under the same conditions. But pretty much everything else stays here. 

Further, sound waves dissipate, but they never fully disappear. So our individual voices and sounds are always here, just in a form that cannot be heard or measured. This is mind blowing stuff. Google it.

So that which we eat, drink and breathe contains some bit of what the dinosaurs ate drank and breathed. Just think about that. The air is full of you. The oceans are full of you. Wind, rain, dust,'re there. And always will be. And if, one day, the earth explodes, the universe will contain you. Even if only in vaporized form. In that way, you are eternal.

Further, humans radiate energy. And energy can escape our atmosphere. So if you believe that human energy contains intelligence and human thought travels on waves, then parts of us are all over the universe. Now this last part is a leap, yes, but intelligent human energy and things like thought waves are the basis of metaphysical thought. I have no doubt they exist. I don't need to wait for the instrument to measure it and make it scientific fact. I walk around in that instrument every day. 

In some way, however, human thought and ideas travel out into space over electromagnetic waves in the form of sound/radio waves that travel out to satellites and beyond every second of the day. Which is pretty amazing. Our influence goes much further than we know, both in space and time. Which actually circles back around to that limitless thing, though I didn't intend that when I started writing. 

Imagine, some part of us existing a million years from now...and some part of us existing a million miles from here and beyond! So when we think of ourselves as small and insignificant, the fact is, we're infinite. We never quite ever go away. And we contain within us all that ever was and the seed of all that ever will be. 

And if you do believe that any of this contains intelligence...and by intelligence, I mean thought, vibration, coding, influence, energy or similiar...then it's even that much more mindblowing, because we're interacting in some sort of tangible and interpersonal way with all that ever was and will be. Whether you believe it or not, it's pretty cool to think about as you look at the stars on a dark night.

The astrophysicist Neil de Grasse Tyson observes that the same elements that exist in space, also exist within us in identical form—iron, carbon, oxygen, etc. As he says, "we are not just in the universe, but the universe is in us. We are stardust."


  1. What a nice entry! It raised my vibration AND I'm feeling more significant.

  2. Hooray! I confirm you are significant. :)