Friday, September 9, 2011

9/10/11-9/11/11—Contemplating Anniversaries

Weekend Reading: Queen of Chalices from the Native American Tarot. This weekend gives us all a good chance to go inside, into the quiet and contemplate. Much like the bear hibernates in silence each year, we're privileged to walk through our lives safe and secure with our minds blissfully unaware of the sadness and pains of life. But this weekend's anniversary reminds us of both the sorrows and the love that the world has to offer. Ghandi said "be the change you want to see in the world." That's not always an easy path. It sometimes means breaking that habit inside us that calls us to "strike back" and, therefore, perpetuate a cycle. Now that we have some distance from 9/11, this weekend gives us a good opportunity to go within and consider who we are, what we think is right and who we want to be as Americans. The answers will be as varied as the rainbow, I know. But take the time this weekend to consider all the people who have died in the past 10 years—not just the 3,000 that died that died that day, but the more than 10,000 that have died defending ourselves from those attacks. What do you imagine they and their families hope will come from their passing? And also consider the way the world's heart wept for us on that day 10 years ago and see how we can return that kind of compassion to the universe and those in need.

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