Wednesday, September 28, 2011

9/29/11—Appreciating Your Circle

Today's Draw: Three of Earth from the Gaian Tarot. Do you have a circle of friends that help you be a better you? How does their presence in your life help you serve others better? When was the last time you told them what they mean to you?

Every time I see this card, I think about how the women in this card are all Joanna Powell Colbert's (the artist's) good friends. They meet now and again to put craft healing salves and tinctures. But who could say what's more healing...the products they create or the time they spend together? It's no wonder this is one of her favorite cards.

I'm dedicating this entry to my sister Janet and my tarot ladies. They're the ladies I did the retreat with a few months back. They don't do Facebook. They don't really do the internet. But they do my blog and give me both healing and encouraging input.  Their support in this pursuit means a lot to me and knowing they read regularly keeps me from half-assing it on those days I want to...haha. 

I would say the best move I've made for my own self-development and health is to have found healing friendships like this. We meet on a regular basis, whether it's for dinner, a ceremony or some other reason. Some of the things we discuss as a group echo out to help others in our individual spheres. And if one of us reaches out to the other in need, we don't ask questions. We're there.

I also have a woman I've exchanged services with for a couple of years. I help her promote her business so she can reach more people. And she gives me healing services so the relationships I have are more sane and spiritual...haha. And recently, one of my clients has mentioned moving toward a more healing way of doing business she wants to discuss with me and others "like us".

While some of these are business relationships, they're all much more than that. We're all spiritually minded people on a healing path. And our communal relationship makes us stronger and more able to serve others. 

Joanna's initial thought on this card was people coming together to make healing products for other, and the friendship they share infusing the products with more medicine. But service comes in many forms. Even if you're not in a healing field, everything you do serves something or someone. And our friendships and communities bring us the kind of energy that infuses that service with extra oomph. One of my friends has her mommy circle, for example. They gather over wine and blow off steam to put them back in balance for another day of serving family. 

Who or what is this circle in your life. And if you don't do so regularly, why not reach out and let these people know how important they are to you? 

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  1. We appreciate you too! And your not half-assing it inspires me not to half-ass it. It's a none half-assed circle of life!