Thursday, September 29, 2011

9/30/11—Visiting from Beyond

Today's Draw: Father of Air from the Today's Journey Tarot. Do you have a deceased loved one that visits and guides you? Do you have a story to share about this? Would you like to think that you could return after you're gone to help see loved ones through?

This is one of two brand new decks I received this week and, though I haven't fully explored it, I'm liking this deck. While the imagery is non-traditional deck, the meanings seem to correspond with traditional meanings. 

The Father of Air equates to the King of Swords in a traditional deck and represents a mature man who is analytical, intelligent, generous and insightful. Drawn by Christopher Wilkey, there is a clever nuance of this man as a pilot, in control, yet detached from the earth. He keeps his passengers safe. His cool, detached demeanor is good for his job, but not always good for relationships.

I can't look at this card without seeing my father. He was an Air Force navigator and the embodiment of everything I've described thus far about this card. I don't know how things are today, but in his generation, it was rare for a navigator to make it past the rank of Colonel. My father was a Major General (two stars) and was in charge of communications for the entire Air Force. He was an accomplished man. 

As I'm writing this tears are in my eyes because I think this card came as message to let me know he is still with me. I mean, it just looks like him. I don't think anyone in my family could look at this card and not see him. He died 23 years ago and was here with me 12 years ago to help me through a life transition. And this card makes me feel he's here with me again to help me through another. Knowing he's here makes me feel safer. 

I think deceased people sometimes come back to help the ones they left behind in ways they couldn't when they were alive. My father was detached when he was alive. He wasn't a nurturer. He wasn't involved. While he may not have been there as I needed in life, he has been in death. For as mystically inclined I am, I'm also skeptical and analytical. If I didn't have so many unexplainable occurrences in my past to support my theory, I'd think I was just making this up to feel better about a relationship that didn't go the way I wanted it to. But I've heard his voice, felt his presence, smelled his cigar smoke and practically been bonked over the head by him in the past. 

Thing is, many years ago I told him we were square and that he was free to move on. And all the odd stuff stopped happening. But getting this card tonight, at this particular time, feels like a message that he's still there to help me pilot my own life when I need him. For someone who hasn't had a parent to lean on or be comforted by in 23 years, that's a nice thing to feel. 

Do you have someone in the afterlife that you still feel in this one?

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