Tuesday, October 4, 2011

10/5/11—Waiting for the Right Moment

Today's Draw: #33 from the Oracle of Visions. Do you ever make a mountain out of a molehill? Do you put more pressure on yourself than is necessary? Do you frequently forget to just stop and breathe?

This card is all about waiting for the right moment to make your move. Sometimes we feel pressured to make a decision...or we pressure ourselves to make a decision...and so we act hastily. Perhaps we would have made the same decision even if we waited for the perfect moment. Perhaps we wouldn't have. And perhaps there is no such thing as the perfect moment. 

Right now I need to make a decision about something relatively small in my life. But because I haven't made the decision yet, it's looming heavily upon my mind. The way my head works, it will taunt me and torment me until the decision is made. Then I'll be able to file it in the "done" pile and won't have to think about it again. But the thing is, I feel all this pressure to solidify plans now for something that's not going to happen for five weeks from now. Certainly I need to plan ahead, but I have a couple of days to rest on this and see how I feel. 

Do you ever do that? I do that all the time—think something to death before I make a move. Or waste time worrying about something that's not nearly as pressing as I'm convincing myself it is. It's as if I think I'm going to forget altogether if I don't handle it now. And I won't forget. Right now I know all my options. I can take a couple of days to consider all of them before I commit to a direction. So why am I driving myself crazy thinking I have to handle it TONIGHT, when I'd really rather just not think of anything tonight?

The woman in this image isn't all worked up about hooking the fish. She's perfectly content waiting for the right option to bite. Maybe in a couple of days time, the right option will seem obvious to me. And if it's not, I can make a decision then. Sometimes I just have to stop and remind myself to breathe and take my time. This is a small matter. It's not the end of the world.

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