Saturday, October 8, 2011

10/8/11-10/9/11—Fighting a Phantom

Weekend Reading: Knight (or Page, I don't know which) of Air from Osho Zen—Fighting. What's got you bucking for a fight this weekend? What is it REALLY? The knight in the picture is coming to the party a little over-dressed, don't you think? Yet behind his eyes you can see that his defensive position is coming from a place of pain...or anger driven by hurt. So you gotta ask yourself, who or what are you really fighting this weekend? Is the enemy outside you or within? And, even if it's within, are you maybe going a little overboard with the drama? Sometimes we get all tensed up against something that's not near as big as we've made it in our minds. Sometimes we're fighting about wounds that occurred many years ago that have just been irritated again, and our response doesn't fit the current crime. Sometimes, we're making others pay for our own fears and unhappiness. And sometimes we're fighting with someone so they won't fight with us first. If you drop the armor, you may find those around you are much more amenable than you thought.

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