Tuesday, November 8, 2011

11/9/11—Taking the Wiggly Path

Today's Draw: Knight of Vessels from the Wildwood Tarot. Are you on a quest for personal improvement? Are there things you do sometimes that you feel are inconsistent with the person you've become? How do you feel about that?

In a traditional deck, the Knight of Vessels (Cups) would be a warrior for romance and love. But in this deck, it's symbolized by an eel and is more closely defined as a warrior for wisdom, maturity and personal revelation. As the eel cuts through water, the knight cuts through emotion and deception by using his powers of expression, honesty and discernment. 

Most of the people who read these daily draws are like the eel—on a quest for their personal truths. For some, it's an integral part of their spirituality. Others may be on a pursuit of self knowledge and betterment independent of their spiritual beliefs. And still others are curious about philosophical musings and the self-learning is a by-product.

It seems almost like a universal pursuit of humanity to try to be a better person. I wonder why that is...whether we're programmed that way genetically or if it's a habit set in our school and learning years? Of course, some people don't do a very good job at it. And some of us are so broken we no longer care. But I think most people, at heart, want to improve themselves.

This eel isn't taking the fastest, straightest path. He's all wiggly, here and there. Partly because he's an eel and that's how they roll. But I think also partly because we're not always straight on course ourselves. 

I'm more forgiving of my "flaws" than I once was. These days I'm more willing to accept that I am where I am. But I do get bothered by behaviors that aren't genuine to the person I feel I am and the person I want to become. One of these inconsistencies is that sometimes I'll gossip or talk about others. Whenever I do that, I end up feeling bad because whatever I get from it is momentary and not worth the guilt feelings it causes me. Like the eel, I'm wiggly. The path to our higher selves is not always straight and logical. Do you have something like that? What does it involve?

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