Friday, April 20, 2012

4/21/12-4/22/12—Making Way for Justice

Weekend Reading: Justice from the Black Fantasy Tarot. Justice asks us to bring our lives into balance, neglecting no aspect of ourselves to fuel another. Some may nurture their careers more than they nurture family. Others may acquire money at the cost of their spiritual integrit. Others may feed their body with food or alcohol and neglect feeding its need for exercise. You may be a world-class volunteer, but if you live a toxic life, Justice doesn't call it a wash. Justice makes you sick, but surrounds you with people who care. This weekend, look at your life as if each choice is judged individually, without regard to the big picture. What are you neglecting? Where are you behaving in a toxic way? Where are you out of balance? If you're like me, you know exactly where you need to make changes to avoid the sharp sting of Justice's sword.

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