Wednesday, August 15, 2012

8/16/12—Feeling Full

Today's Draw: Five of Coins from the Medieval Chihuahua Tarot by Tarot Lyn. Is there something you still need to receive or achieve before you can be happy? Is there something that you don't have nearly enough of? Or are all areas of your life perfectly funded?

OK. I need to get something off my chest. This deck of chihuahuas dressed up in Middle Age gear is the first all-dog, 78-card deck EVER in tarot history. To my knowledge. There is a major arcana deck of all dogs. And there will be another 78-card deck coming out soon. But ever since tarot was invented in, like, the 15th century, there has never been a dog deck. There have been rat decks, bear decks, gummi bear decks, rabbits, dolphins, dragons, name it. And cats! Cats in fancy costumes, cats who practice magick, medieval cats, anthropomorphic cats, white cats, cats being cats, cats taking a nap, cats taking a can't swing a pendulum without hitting a cat deck in the tarot world. But no dog deck. Until now. 

*caressing my sweet Medieval Chihuahua deck* 

And, as a bonus, all the proceeds of this deck go toward chihuahua rescue. So you're not only getting a dog deck and a piece of history, you're helping adorable pocket-sized pups. 

Anywho, so there I was mourning the lack of dog decks for YEARS, doing everything in my power to get a dog deck created, and yet I had a couple of hundred other really cool decks I was neglecting—and, quite frankly, disrespecting—because none of them were dog decks. Sure, I had decks I loved and all of that, but none of them were DOG decks!

And that's the lesson the chihuahuas bring us on Day Four of Self Care Week...the dangers of the poverty mindset. The Five of Coins is a card that signifies loss and poverty. But I tend to read it more as a poverty mentality—a focus on what you don't have, rather than a focus on what you do. 

See, as long as you're lacking, you're never "complete". You still have work to do. There's something missing from your idea of perfection. And you're probably not fully grateful for all the gifts in your midst. And if you're into manifestation and the energies you put out into the universe, then you're also blocking or delaying the flow of the very thing you want into your life. The only benefit of focusing on lack is....oh, right, THERE IS NO BENEFIT!!!!

So today's lesson in self care is to let yourself be enough, simply as you are. Have enough with whatever you already have. And do enough with what you're already doing. 

Sure, you want to always have ambition. And we all need our basic needs of food, shelter and water covered. But how different would life be if you stopped *wanting*? If everything that came to you was gravy...a blessing...from this moment on? How would that change the way you viewed your life? How would it change the way you feel about you?

I'll bet if every one of us looked hard enough at our lives, there's something we're mourning the lack of—money, love, respect, youthful beauty, peace, order, could be anything. It almost seems like, if you were to have it all, then life wouldn't be as fun. But imagine, instead, how fun getting showered with unexpected miracles could be! 

To someone less fortunate, you look like you've got it all. Don't you deserve to allow yourself to feel that way?

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