Wednesday, September 26, 2012

9/27/12—Meeting Your Perfect Match

Today's Draw: Two of Cups from Tarot of the Absurd by Jessica Rose Shanahan. Do you choose partners based on your heart, your head or both? When you look back over your relationships, have you always followed the same formula? When did you know (or will you know) you'd met your perfect match?

OK. I might as well declare it Marble week at the Daily Draw. I've had my little foster girlfriend for three days and she's popped up in the cards three times. Wednesday night was her first meeting with potential parents, so if that's not a Two of Cups moment, I don't know what is. 

The Two of Cups is about meeting a soulmate, finding a partner, sparking up a romance and other such things. To Marble that means finding the right forever parents. She's already got a couple of families interested in her. And those families are looking at other dogs. And somewhere in all of that, stars collide and hearts beat faster and both sides find their home. 

Tonight's potential parents were a really cute, young urban couple from Capitol Hill. They were "smart" with a soupcon of hip, the likes of which would bring Marble to dog parks and outdoor cafes and concerts at the Mall. I could see Miss Marble with them, but I think they would be good parents for any dog. They mentioned taking their new dog to training before I even had the opportunity to suggest it. I know it was a really good bonding thing for me and Magick when I first got her and she certainly needed some lessons. 

Anyway, they had other dogs to meet before they made their decision. If they don't work out, maybe she'll meet a beefy young man who's training for a marathon and needs a joggy dog. Or maybe she'll meet a mommy who has another dog with whom she can continue the WWE Wrestlemania Smackdowns she's started with Magick. Marble is that kind of gal. You can dress her up for a fete on the Mall or dress her down for some roller derby action. She's comfortable either way. 

We're happy to keep Marble until she finds her perfect match.
Whatever happens, Marble is playing it smart. She's not going to fall in love just because someone is falling in love with her. She's not going to hop into a relationship, leading with her heart. And she's not going to get lost in the romantic nonsense of a white knight riding in and saving her from her lonely orphanhood. She's happy to go solo until the kind of parents come along that appeal to both the heart and the head. 

For her, that means adequate cash flow to get the GOOD kibble, a bed big enough for a much larger dog so she can spread out, plenty of walkies, parents who are trained to discipline without spanking, a dedicated spot on the sofa for cuddletimes, treats that don't come from toxic factories in China and enough empathy and patience to understand that perfect dogs don't happen overnight. Oh, and unconditional love. Lots and lots of that. 

So what appeals to both your heart and head? Are you with that person now? And if not, can you see where you might have comprised your head for your heart in the past? What's your sad dog story?

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