Thursday, September 27, 2012

9/28/12—Communicating With Your Pet

Today's Draw: The Gypsy Oracle from the Sideshow Tarot. Do you have good communication with your pet? Do you "hear" them say things...or "see" their messages? What kinds of things do they tell you?

Yesterday I said it was going to be Marble Week at the Daily Draw. So today's card is about the psychic communication dogs use to communicate with their people.  

In short, dogs put images in your head. Like you're sitting there and you suddenly think of that really cool park down by the river and think "geez, I haven't been there in a while. Perhaps it's time to go. I think I'll take the mutts with me." And you, innocent that you are, think YOU thought of that park, when really your dog implanted that visual in your brain using their special telekinetic mojo. Happens all the time. They let you think it's all your idea. 

It's just like when I saw Marble's picture online a week ago. I had all sorts of images of this pathetic, needy animal that could learn so much from Kizzie and Magick. For all I know, the little vagabond planted those images in my head so I would be the one to foster her. Anyone who knows anything about me knows that I'm a total gravy train for dogs. I mean, really, where do you get it better? I'm home all the time. I've got scheduled kibble and treat times. You get the run of the property. I have a lot of patience. I'm a total pushover. It's a wonder I haven't already bought her an entire wardrobe of winter sweaters yet. 

The more I think of it, maybe Marble is a Gypsy Oracle. I was out talking to the back yard neighbor today...a single lady and mother of two dogs, much like myself. And I told her that Marble keeps jumping up and nipping at my nipple. Really. She's done it, like, four times in the past two days. And it hurts! So my neighbor was telling me how to train the nipping out of her and, just then, her dog jumps up and bites HER in the nipple! The dog had never done it before! And she does it the moment I'm talking about Marble doing it. We concluded that Marble planted the image in the innocent pup's brain!

So today's entry is about her. And about dogs in general. I swear they do the visual implants all the time. And you can do it back to them. You do create a language with your dog over that transcends simple commands. They're extremely intuitive. I think this is how they know you're coming home. You're on your way home and you picture home. They're so attuned to your frequency that they pick the message up and walk over to the window. 

So if you've never tried this intentionally before, just try showing them a visual of what you want and see how it goes. And pay attention the visuals you receive that have to do with dog things. From their perspective they've been trying to communicate with you FOREVER and maybe you've just been too dense to notice. 

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