Friday, September 28, 2012

9/29/12-9/30/12—Giving Yourself Props

Weekend Reading: Seven of Pentacles from the Tea Tarot by Marcia McCord. (Marble chose tonight's deck with her mouth and warped a few cards in the process. *heavy sigh*) Give yourself the chance this weekend to take time out and give yourself appreciation for your hard work. Enjoy a relaxing cup of tea. A long bath. A night out. Reward yourself for all you do. Acknowledge all you do. That last point is key. Too often we just toil and toil and feel like we're not making progress...or like we're not doing enough. Take time this weekend to really assess all you DO do in a day. Sometimes it helps me to compare my life to when I was a teenager and slept all the time. I do tons more now and am not nearly so young and energetic. You work hard to keep your life in line. Give yourself the props you deserve. 


  1. Thanks for the words I needed to read. Exactly what I have to do this weekend .. take the time to cherish the moments. They fly by all too quickly and so few are spent for me. A reward is indeed in order. Perhaps a hot bubble bath to soothe my old body. Hope you have done the same. :))

  2. Hooray! Yes, I have. I've slept a lot and just relaxed and enjoyed the nice weather. No cleaning or errands today!