Tuesday, December 25, 2012

12/26/12—Aligning Your Vision With Your Desires

Today's Draw: The Seer, The Whip and The Stars from the Tattered Nomad Oracle by Shaheen Miro. What is it that you really want? Are the messages you're putting out to the universe in your words and deeds in conflict with that? How do you interpret this threesome using the meanings below?

The Tattered Nomad Oracle is a Lenormand deck and I'm working on reading Lenormand better. One of the things I'm learning is that, even though each card has a set meaning, eight different readers will interpret a reading eight different ways. 

Lenormand reading is different from tarot reading in many ways. One is that you don't read Lenormand intuitively in the way you read tarot. There's still some intuition in it, because there's a voice inside your head that tells you how to parse the Lenormand "sentence". But you don't look at the card and use the image intuitively. The card's meaning is the card's meaning. 

Another difference comes in that "sentence" I mentioned above. Although different readers do it differently, the first card is a noun or subject of the sentence and the second two cards are adjectives or the rest of the sentence. While tarot tells a big picture story, Lenormand gives you bytes of granular information. The three-card reading I would give with tarot would be significantly longer than the one I would give with Lenormand. 

So here are the meanings for these cards: 

-----The Seer is an extra card in this deck and it corresponds to vision, prophesy and clear insight. 
-----The Whip is an interesting card because it has some broader meanings...conflict and arguments, as well as sex and physicality. 
-----The Stars relates to possibilities, wishes and dreams. 

So here's how I'm reading this:

There is a conflict between what you're visualizing/manifesting and what you really want. 

Now, this could be read a number of different ways. It could actually be saying that you have conflicting visions of what you want...maybe your heart and mind want different things. Or it could say you'll be getting insight into a conflict with achieving your dreams. Or it could even mean that you'll be experiencing the kinky sex of your dreams in your future. So, as with any divination method, you just really have to trust the idea that comes to you first. 

And the idea that came to me first—and this is an excellent thing to consider as one year comes to a close and a new one begins—is that we need to think about whether or not we're acting or manifesting in alignment with what we really want. Or are we somehow subverting the manifestation of our dreams? 

An example of this would be if you wanted to meet a loyal, new partner, for example. And you're visualizing a charming, handsome man that all the women want, but he only has eyes for you. And let's say you're a little on the insecure and jealous side. Well, you might be able to see how this a conflict between what you visualize and what you really want. If you really want a guy you can feel secure with, then you might not want to choose a guy that all the women want. Because, regardless of how loyal he may be, your insecurities may keep you from experiencing him that way.  

I know I'm frequently caught up in this kind of conflict. I *want* to lose weight, but I visualize being able to do it on a diet of unlimited chocolate, fried chicken and ice cream. What I should be visualizing is a more disciplined and active approach to the rest of my life when it comes to food. I *want* to make more progress in my book writing career, but I indulge every vision of a nap or TV marathon that enters my head. In these areas, I need to visualize some reality that's in alignment with my desires. 

The hardest thing about going for what we want is to give up the habits and expectations of what we've had. If we could get what we want doing all the same stuff we're doing now, we'd have our dreams by now. So to get what we really want, we have to visualize—and act on—a different reality than the one we have now. Does this ring true to you? How can you visualize your way to something more in alignment with what you truly want?


  1. This one really makes sense to me. I have had several goals in my mind, but I realized this year that my spontaneous side loves to latch onto new ideas. so many that they just pile up and it takes a massive effort for me to focus and complete anything. What is not in alignment for me is the idea that i can do everything that i want to, all at once. I know this is impossible, especially for someone who works as slowly as i do, but there is still that niggling desire that wants to hold onto every idea because they all seem so bright and shiny. This year, if i want to be aligned with my greater desire to be an illustrator, I need to hold that goal aloft above the rest. I must focus the majority of my energy on that goal, and set aside smaller bursts for lesser projects. ONE THING AT A TIME!!!

  2. I'm like that with my crafts...flitting from one thing to another and never fully latching on to just one thing. But I think that's the balance you seek, really. I'm a writer by profession...advertising. That is my primary focus. In that profession, I allow others to tell me what to do and compromise my "art" for their vision or whatever. But when the workday is through, I have all these other creative outlets where nobody tells me a darned thing. I have my blog. And I have whatever craft I'm doing at the time. And with the crafts, I don't make promises to people about giving them anything. I do it only for myself. And then if I want to give it away or want to make something for someone, I will. People ask to buy my tarot bags, for example, but I always say no. The minute it becomes about selling my work, the minute I stop enjoying it so much. So, yes...focus on illustration and building your portfolio and marketing yourself. But beyond that, create freely and only for yourself. I think you'll be a successful illustrator. For one thing, you're already an illustrator. For another, your design aesthetic is too strong for you to be anything but successful.