Sunday, April 28, 2013

4/29/13—Conjuring a Soul Partnership

Today's Draw: High Priestess from the Robin Wood in the Future Relationship position from the Deck of 1000 Spreads. How long has it been since you've asked yourself what you want out of a relationship (even if you're currently in one)? Have you ever convinced yourself someone was "the ONE", only to quickly find out otherwise? If you're currently in a relationship, has it changed to mirror the changes you've made in life—is it still a good fit?

Just last week I was talking about how I'm not hot to get in a relationship, how I think I might have gotten too "set in my ways" and how I'm happy alone and all of that stuff. But that doesn't mean I don't *think* or even daydream about relationship and what kind of guy I'd like to be with...haha. 

First, let me clarify. Relationship can mean any kind of relationship. But I'm talking about a romantic one right now. And what this indicates is a spiritual relationship of some sort. After all, the High Priestess is like the female version of the Hierophant in the tarot. While he speaks of knowing through tradition, she lives in the land of inner knowing. 

I often let the Hierophant indicate spirituality in my readings because, frankly, he pops up more often and my inner voice tells me to speak of him this way. But really SHE is the one who represent spiritual knowing, and he is the one who is all about the religious dogma. 

It's funny, because it has been so long since I asked myself what I wanted in a relationship, that I had forgotten. And when I do kind of fantasize about meeting the right person, I always forget that this is what I want....haha. But I really do want a soul partner or spiritual partner. 

Note that I didn't say "soul mate". I think pretty much everyone of any significance in our life is a soul mate. Personally I think too much energy goes into waiting for "perfect soul mate" to come along...the ONE. I don't think there's just one. I think there are scores of soul mates in our lives that are friends, co-workers, etc. And I think when they arrive in the form of an attractive person, we assume they're there to become our lover. And so we sometimes shoehorn them into that role. And sometimes that is part of the "grand design". And sometimes you're left wondering what the HELL you were thinking!

No, I said "soul partner". That's someone you're in partnership with to help each other heal and advance your soul. It's someone worthy of your trust. Someone responsible. It's not about wanting someone so bad that you start play hooky from work for some afternoon delight, not that that's out of the question. But the relationship is not driven by the physical. 

It's a partnership driven by the advancement of the soul. Which isn't easy. It requires you to be honest with yourself and each other. To tell each other things about themselves that they may not be able to see. To support them in their growth and visa versa. It requires you to put the normal dynamics aside as much as you can and operate on a higher manipulations, tantrums, passive-aggressive BS. Growth is the first priority of the relationship. The sex and romance stuff, it's still in there, but it's gravy. The greater intimacy is the trust you form between the two of you to not abuse the drop the need to stop needing to win or be right. 

Maybe it's just a fantasy...haha. I do know it exists out there. And I'm sure it's not as ideal as it looks from the outside, because nothing is. And these relationships are allowed to end when the mutual growth does, though I imagine in a relationship like that, it rarely happens unless one or both partners can't handle the partnership. I imagine it to be a very difficult that requires a whole different tool set than the relationships most people have. And like I said above, this can happen with a friend just easily as with a lover—you can totally have a soul partnership with one of your friends. I just wanted to talk about romance....haha. 

I don't know that I've ever met anyone I could do that least not someone of the opposite sex. But ultimately I only ever have to meet one, you know? So I'll have to bring this up to my conscious mind again, because the conscious and unconscious minds determine the things we think, do and say. And the things we think, do and say determine what we create. And though I'm not ready for him now, I may just be by the time I conjure him up! 

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