Thursday, October 10, 2013

10/11/13—Making a Plan and Moving Forward

Today's Draw: Eight of Rabbits (Wands) in the What You Can't Change position from the Badger's Forest Tarot and the Deck of 1000 Spreads. Do you ever use "I'm strategizing the steps I need to take toward growth" as an excuse to remain inactive? Or are you more likely to move toward growth with no plan at all? And how's that solar plexus chakra of yours doing?

Today marks the final element in our spread for the week. Here's what we have so far:

Question: How can I make growth a more peaceful process?

What You Can Change: You can change the way you approach growth. Instead of waiting until things get so painful you HAVE to change, you can take a kinder, gentler route. 

Action: Change your mindset from one of "avoiding the pain of change" to one of "following hope", then you will naturally move toward growth instead of avoiding it. When something has to change, that means there's no hope left in it. Hope only lies in growth and change. Follow hope. 

Underlying Influences: Consider that, when you're avoiding, you're bringing the energy of avoidance and fear into your "next new thing". Ask yourself if you want your new beginning to be born in a stew of negative energies or positive ones. 

What You Can't Change: Moving forward toward the hope doesn't mean you move forward mindlessly. Still take the time to consider your game plan and each move along the way. 

Well, I don't know about you, but I'm pretty impressed with the way this spread worked out. I think it rendered some solid advice in regard to the question. And, considering all the positions and cards were chosen at random, it pretty much covered everything perfectly. For those who aren't well versed in tarot, hopefully this week illustrates the way the tarot weaves a "story of advice" for whatever question you may ask. 

Now on to the geeky things for tarot readers (and a little more of the reading). First, if I were laying this spread out all at once, I probably would have moved the What You Can/Can't Change cards together. But as it turns out, the wisdom of the way the advice was revealed can't be questioned. Which is to say that today's combo came to us in a sort of "now that we've got all that said, be careful not to move forward without a direction" kind of way. 

And that is what the Eight of Rabbits wants to say. It encourages us to be brave and use thoughtful action in pursuing growth. Sometimes we can use, "I'm thinking up my game plan" as an excuse, but we do have to make a game plan and really define where we want to go. 

Both of the cards that talk about hope (photo below)...the ones in the Action and Underlying Influences positions...have a significant amount of yellow in them. Yellow is the color of the solar plexus chakra, the chakra that governs self discipline, personal power and confidence. It is the chakra for being proactive. Issues in this chakra can lead to addiction, excess or inaction. So having yellow in the two positions of the spread that are encouraging action suggests you pay attention to your third chakra and keep it open and clear because its current state is acting as a barrier to reaching your goals. 

I also perceive a lot of upward motion across the five draws, suggesting a need to get out of the weeds and move further toward our higher selves. Surrendering to growth is certainly one of those ways. 

So that's the week's reading. I included all the geeky notes to illustrate things people might want to consider as they grow in their tarot practice. Noticing consistencies across cards is one of those techniques that can turn you into a better reader. It's really whatever stands out to you. For example, another reader may not see upward motion in all five cards. But because that notion revealed itself to me, I said something about it. It's not that I'm right or wrong, it's what intuition reveals. 

Next week is going to be an entire week of classic posts at the Daily Draw. I'll have some spotty internet connection and, rather than worry about it, I decided to just schedule a week's worth of posts in advance and take the week off. 

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