Wednesday, October 9, 2013

10/10/13—Shifting the Energies of Change

Today's Draw: Ace of Fire from the Dark Goddess Tarot in the Underlying Influences position from the Deck of 1000 Spreads. Do you believe the energy you bring into a situation, shapes the situation? What kind of energy are you bringing into change? Are you following hope?

We're doing an entire spread this week on the Daily Draw and so far we have:

Question: How can I make growth a more peaceful process?

What You Can Change: You can change the way you approach growth. Instead of waiting until things get so painful you HAVE to change, you can take a kinder, gentler route. 

Action: Change your mindset from one of "avoiding the pain of change" to one of "following hope", then you will naturally move toward growth instead of avoiding it. When something has to change, that means there's no hope left in it. Hope only lies in growth and change. Follow hope. 

And today we find out what the underlying influences are that drive the need for peaceful growth. Change and growth are going to happen whether you try or not. But why, outside of the obvious, do we benefit from being proactive and following hope?

The Ace of Fire comes to remind us of the energy we bring into any undertaking. If you go peacefully and happily, you will surround your prospects for the future with the energy of peace and happiness. If you go kicking and screaming, however....

I remember some advice I got many years back, "make sure you're running toward something, rather than running away from something." Going peacefully and happily is "running towards". And going because the pain of staying trumps the pain of leaving is a kind of running away. When we finally arrive at our place of growth, will the energies we bask in be pure or will the lingering scent of fear, avoidance and escape sour them?

We are the source of creation and destruction in our own lives. The Ace of Fire tells us to honor that source by keeping the energies of it pure. We're careful of what we put in our bodies because we want to honor what we've been given. We avoid reckless behaviors. So why would we willingly or willfully disrespect that source by trying to deny it growth and expansion? Why would we disrespect the higher source that sent us down here by refusing its gift of hope?

Personally, I've never considered the energy attached to the kind of avoidance I've practiced in my life. My current career as a freelance writer was something that was begun pain-free in surrender to the elements of change. In fact, the weeks following the decision were some of the most peaceful and happy of my life. I felt connected to the all that is. I didn't go in fear. Like the Fool, I lept in complete trust. 

But if I one day tell the story of some of the changes I want to make in my life today, so far the story would read, "yes, I made it, but it was a long, painful road to get here." Is that really how I want to think and feel when I pursue my passion this time around?

So what really lies at the crux of peaceful growth is not just a more pleasant journey. It's the energy the journey brings to the new beginning. If you believe in manifestation, like I do, the universe delivers to you based on the way you think and feel about something. Fear and avoidance are toxins. Which reinforces yesterday's advice... "follow hope" instead of the toxins. What we think about our future and how we perceive the journey toward it will shape the future itself. 

For me, it's getting harder and harder to justify any resistance to change. How about you?


  1. Personally I don't think About Vesta as an ace of fire. Although she is the goddess of the hearth, to me she belongs more to the suit of pentacles.