Tuesday, October 8, 2013

10/9/13—Following Hope

Today's Draw: Six of Wands from the 1969 Tarot in the Action position from the Deck of 1000 Spreads. Do you have a good reason why now is not a good time for growth and change? When, do you think, is a good time? And if that good time never comes, are you good with that?

This week we're doing a full reading at The Daily Draw and here's what we have so far:

Question: How can I make growth a more peaceful process?

What You Can Change: You can change the way you approach growth. Instead of waiting until things get so painful you HAVE to change, you can take a kinder, gentler route. 

So now that we've discovered what we need to change, today we'll be covering how to proceed. Now, I offered some suggestions yesterday, but what today's card suggests is that we can re-language the thought of growth in our heads and/or break our mental habits surrounding it. 

The 1969 Tarot book defines the Six of Wands as "hope, even for the deaf ones". The first thing that occurred to me when reading that is, when it comes time to make a change in our lives, the only place you'll find hope is in the growing or changing. So when you're holding on to the known and comfortable and refusing to grow and change, you're holding on to situation where no hope exists!

That was a lightbulb moment for me, because when I think of it from that angle, standing still takes on a whole new light...or lack of light actually. Why would we hold on to hopelessness or a hopeless situation? Whether it's a job or a relationship, that realization alone can help you reframe the entire situation and change the way you approach it. 

So the idea is to re-language the idea of growth and change from being a scary, challenging process to something along the lines of "following hope". 

A further thought I had was that the "deaf ones" referred to above are those who "have good excuses" for why they can't change or grow. Let's face it, it's there's never a "good time" to grow. So if you're waiting for all the circumstances to be right, it will never happen. 

The voices in our head that tell us it's a bad time or that someone needs us or XYandZ have to happen before we're cleared for takeoff on our growth, they're all bullshit. So the deaf ones are the ones are the ones so deafened by their own excuses that they can't hear hope above the din. And what "hope, even for the deaf ones" means is that, no matter what your excuse is, the only place hope lies is in leaving your current situation behind. No excuses. No buts. No further discussion needed. The simple truth is that you're choosing hopelessness over hope. Add that truth to your excuses and you should be able to quiet them down. 

The way I see the figures on this card, the Batman in the foreground seems committed to the voices in his head and refusing to hear the sound of hope so close by. Superhero indeed! Would rather focus on fear than step into the light. So the next time an excuse rears its ugly head in your mind, say "I choose hopelessness over hope." Because that's what you're doing. See how long you can live with THAT. 

It's time to grow the eff up (like we said yesterday) and follow hope. 

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