Wednesday, February 23, 2011

2/23/11—Allowing Power to Flow

Today's Draw: The Three of Wands from the Haindl. Are you allowing your natural power to flow? Or do you find yourself forcing things to happen? Do you feel you are manifesting your highest good right now?
The Three of Wands is an auspicious card. It speaks of manifestation and power and allowing...allowing the universe to deliver to you. The assumption is that you've already asked and laid the groundwork for some wish or want and now you jus...t need to sit back and allow it to happen.

But there's the rub. Most of us try to control an outcome. Or dictate how and when things will be delivered. Forcing an outcome can seriously affect the fulfillment of our wishes, though. So this card reminds us to "let go and let God". Another way of thinking of it, as Mike Dooley puts it, is "your job is say to what, the universe's job is to figure out how".

So think about all the things brewing in your life right now and see where you might be forcing a conclusion, rather than letting nature take its course. It's a sticky wicket, because you don't want to let go to the point that you're not moving toward your dreams. But you know where you're know where you're working too hard.

This is always a good reminder to have. There are a couple of places in my life right now where I'm fighting against the natural outcome of something. And there's at least one place where I'm letting go too much. So just take a few moments to check in today and see where you might be standing in the way of your own fulfillment.

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