Friday, February 25, 2011

2/25/11—Accepting Things As They Are

Today's Draw: Accept What Is from Sonia Choquette's Soul Oracle. Are you questioning a decision? Are you, perhaps, taking something personally? Are you dissatisfied with what you've been given?
Today is an odd day where I just wasn't inspired by tarot. So I chose an oracle card instead.

This card asks us to accept what we have in the present moment. Maybe you're questioning something...accept the questioning. Accept where you are this moment. If you're unhappy with where you are right now, keep moving toward your goal, but accept where you are right now. If you're upset with something someone said or did, don't take it personally, but accept the feelings you're feeling because obviously some buttons were pushed. And, ultimately, accept yourself.

The thing is, when we spend all this time rolling things over and over in our minds, we're detouring from our intended path. We're lengthening the amount of time between now and what we want. Chances are certain that this moment is one you need to reach your ultimate goal, regardless of how you're perceiving it in the present moment. So accept it as it is. Don't question it, don't curse it. Just focus on what you want to create, instead.

This reminds me of a time that I set an intention to become more prosperous. Immediately after, things started getting worse. It seemed like circumstances were falling apart. But in the end I reached my goal and realized that the "falling apart" was the necessary chaff from retooling and building on a firmer foundation. The truth is you don't know that this very moment may be critical to your getting what you want. So accept it.

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