Monday, March 28, 2011

3/28/11—Finding Original Solutions

Today's Draw: The Hermit from Science Tarot. Is there something in your life where you think "why haven't they come up with a way to....?" Do you feel you hold a key to one of life's mysteries or a solution to one of those kinds of challenges? What is your plan for bringing shape to your innate knowing? Do you actively carve out time to work on this?
The Science Tarot equates the Hermit to Fermat's Last Theorem. Pierre de Fermat was a 17th century mathematician who had a habit of taking notes in the margins of his paper. In one such note he wrote that he had discovered a mathematical pr...oof that the margin was too sparse to contain. For centuries afterward, mathematicians sought out this proof without even knowing if a solution truly existed. Finally in 1955, the proof was achieved.

The Hermit is that seeker. The one who moves forward on an inner knowing and applies their intelligence and intuition to finding a solution that may or may not exist. Whether it's the invention of a new hair doodad or the cure for cancer, the answers are out there. And the first step toward finding them is questioning why the solution doesn't exist. This is the Hermit's quest. And he says the answer comes from focused study, dogged determination and the solitude it takes to lose yourself in deep thought.

This card from this deck is speaking to me today because I feel I have an answer to one of those "why hasn't anyone thought of..." type questions in the area of tarot. My "thing" isn't something the world can't live without. It won't bring about world peace or cure ills. But neither will a new hair doodad. That doesn't mean it doesn't have value and doesn't need to come to light.

We all have contributions to make and I think we all have solutions locked inside us. So the first step is to ask yourself what yours is. What do you know the most about? Or what do you know enough about? The clue is somewhere in a passion of yours. What might you know that you don't know you know? That's today's big question. :)

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