Tuesday, March 29, 2011

3/29/11—Nurturing What You Value

Today's Draw: Ace of Pentacles from the Wizard's Tarot by Corrine Kenner. What do you truly value in your life? And how much of your day do you specifically spend nurturing what you value most?
The interpretation of the Ace of Pentacles can go a lot of ways. It can signify an upsurge in finances or opportunities. It can mean a positive change in material or home matters. It can speak to connecting with the earth. And the five poin...ts on the pentacles themselves, signify the five senses.

But the Ace of Pentacles is also an opportunity to consider what you value and nurture it. We spend so much of our day in the pursuit of money and position, but if the world ended tomorrow, we wouldn't miss our material things anywhere near as much as our relationships. But how much of our day do we spend nurturing those?

And I'm not talking about packing lunches, running errands and driving carpools. Those things support the relationships, but they're disconnected. Most of the time when you're doing those things, you're thinking of all the other stuff on your plate. They're not nurturing. So consider how much time you spend truly 100% focused on those relationships and make any adjustments necessary to put them in their proper perspective.

Every day, at some point of the day, I lay down with Magick and Kizzie in front of the window and talk to them. I tell them how much I love them. I pet them. I share their little window world with them. And at night when we go to bed I tell each of them something they did during the day that I loved and I tell them good night. Yeah, I know they're dogs. But you know what? They turn their heads and listen intently when I'm telling them that stuff. They know.

I also spend time outside at some point during the day...no matter what the weather. And, even if for just a few minutes, I close my eyes and smell the air, listen to the sounds, feel the breeze on my skin...I activate my senses to truly experience that relationship. All this said, however, we're talking about maybe a total of a half hour out of 24. So consider the time you spend truly nurturing and appreciating what's most important to you today and see if you can weed out some of the non-important stuff to make more time for what matters most.

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