Wednesday, March 30, 2011

3/30/11—Nurturing from the Heart

Today's Draw: Queen of Pentacles from the Herbal Tarot—Marshmallow. Are you the nurturer/healer in your family? Do you often feel depleted and drained? Do you take on others' energy as your own?
The Queen of Pentacles is the grand dame of earth and home. She is the earth mother and wise woman of the tarot. She personifies compassion and care. In this deck, she is represented by the herb, marshmallow, which soothes inflammations and... softens emotions.

She asks us to live in our bodies and experience the sensual aspects of life...the sights, sounds and sensations. To a certain degree, we touched on that yesterday. So that's still a message today. But today we can also focus on her compassionate nature.

Often when we're nurturers, we have a tendency to take on the sorrows and pains of those we love. Because of our position as the go-to person in the family, we also tend to think we know best and can often impose choices on others and tie ourselves to whether or not they'll take our advice. All of this can deplete our energy and work negatively on our psyche. So the Queen of Pentacles asks us to be aware of these possibilities and orient our nurturing from the heart, rather than the ego. To love, then let go.

I used to carry more of other peoples' emotions than I do now. These days I'm more detached from the ills of others...compassionate, but not absorbent, you know? However, I do sometimes attach myself to the advice I give others and become emotionally involved in the choices they make as a result. When we do this, we're not giving from the heart, we're giving from the ego and we need to be aware of that.

Too often nurturers give to the point of depletion and, if that is who you are, it's essential that you learn to give with detachment and take time each day to find a quiet place to recharge each of your five senses. It's important to recognize when things are out of your control and let go. Others have their own paths to walk and if they continue to make the same mistakes over and over, it's because they still have lessons to learn. We can't walk their path for them. And part of walking our own is knowing when to let go.

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