Wednesday, October 10, 2012

10/11/12—Facing Death

Today's Draw: Transformation from the Osho Zen Tarot. Do do you feel change works on your timetable? Do you feel you have any control over the process at all? And if not, do you tend to busy yourself in stuff you CAN control in order to feel "right"?

This week we're talking about transformation and today we drew the Transformation card. It's called Death in most tarot decks, but what they really mean by death is transformation. Many of us feel in the midst of, or on the cusp of change. Some feel like we're in a holding pattern within that change energy, unable or unwanting to move forward. 

I get two messages for us from this card. The first message is that life only *appears* to work on our schedule and at our bidding. Certainly we have input. The way I see that things work is that I have a desire to change, I make my desire known, I start working toward it and, before I know it, the desire is fulfilled and change has come. 

But that's not working on MY timetable. My timetable would be that change would be instantaneous and painless. Then there are those times when I haven't even thought of change and it just came and hit me in the face. In a way, dog #3 is like that. I had decided not to get a dog. So I fostered. And failed. It's like a surprise pregnancy or a surprise job move or illness...sometimes change comes whether you want it or not. And you have to handle it because it's HERE. NOW. 

So I like to feel like a master manifester, but the truth is sometimes there are a lot of moving parts that take time to come into place...mental attitudes have to adjust, other things that were already in play having to do with the old you need to be stopped, and entire scenarios involving other people and other situations have to come into play. 

It's a wonder anything gets done. But my sense is, if it had to be done right NOW, that would happen too and we'd have no control over it. So my guess is we're all right where we should be—and NEED to be. We have no idea of all of the stuff churning up on our behalf in the background while everything seems to be immobile on the surface. Maybe we NEED to be staring off into space with empty eyes in a state of total shock! Bet you never thought of THAT. 

The other thing about this Transformation card is the way the all-powerful is touching the face of the person while at rest. I think sometimes we busy our lives with appointments and obligations and distractions to keep ourselves busy because it's easier than facing whatever emptiness or anxiety or risk or whatever it is that's happening at a time of change. 

So this card is basically saying to still yourself long enough to hear the voice of God in your life. Maybe that means quiet meditation at night. Or journaling dreams. Or taking some sort of retreat. Especially if being on hold in the midst of change is making you feel a little lost. Answers and wisdom and safety and love is waiting for you if you can still yourself long enough to receive it. 

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