Thursday, October 11, 2012

10/12/12—Advising my Inner Oprah

Today's Draw: The Sun from the Infinite Visions tarot. What would you tell a friend about the situation you're in right now? What advice would you give him/her? What do you KNOW based on past experience?

On the final day of holding pattern and transformation week, we get the Sun. And the book for this deck says "choose carefully where you go because many will follow your shining light."

So, everyone's eyes are on you and you're an example generations will herein follow. So don't screw up. Like you know you will. :D

Well, since THAT is too much pressure, how about you ask yourself what advice you'd give a friend in the same situation as you? What would you want your daughter to do? If Oprah and Iyanla were hanging on your every word, what wisdom would you pass down?

It's funny how often we have the answers to those questions, but don't have the answers when it comes to ourselves.

For my own situation, I feel like I'm in a space between a holding pattern where I'm some of where I'm going and a lot of where I've been. In between those two places is rollercoaster motivation, fear, name it. 

So let's say Oprah and Iyanla and I are sitting around my kitchen in Maine and I've just made them some of my famous fried chicken wings (I really DO make good fried chicken.) And, because we're gal friends and can let down our guards with each other, Oprah says, "Tierney I'm feeling a little lost and directionless right now. A little afraid to change. Listless. What words of wisdom do you have for me?" 

Iyanla tries to answer first, but Oprah holds up her hand and says, "no, I want to hear what Tierney has to say."

So I say, "it is what it is, Oprah. We are where we are and if we were meant to be somewhere else, we'd be there. When was the last time the universe failed you? When was the last time you were involved in something that didn't make you who you are today? When has any moment ever been without purpose in your life?"

Oprah would think about it a minute and say, "never." 

 I would reply, "so why doubt it now?" And a silent tear would issue forth from Oprah's eyes and she would nod knowingly. Meanwhile, Iyanla would be silently heard to grumble, "that's what I was going to say."

So that's the advice I would give someone. We can only do what we can do. Right now I don't have all the readiness I need. I am where I am for a reason. What about your situation? What would you tell a weepy Oprah if she asked you about the same situation you're in?

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