Monday, October 8, 2012

8/9/12—Making Our Desires Official

Today's Draw: Three of Cups from the Witches Tarot. Do you ever use ceremony to help create change in your life? Do you involve others in the ceremonial process? What kind of things do you do in your ceremonies?

Today's entry is going to be a quickie, since I'm running short on time tonight. The topic is about how to move forward when you're in a holding pattern or ways to abide the feeling of being stuck. 

The Three of Cups is a card of friendship and good times. So one way to abide would be to get together with friends and take yourself out of your head for a while. Or, to get unstuck, get together with friends and brainstorm about what you should do to move forward. 

So those are two answers. But this is a witchy deck, so I would be remiss not to bring up the magical aspect of the number three. Three is a magic number. If you're going to wish, say your wish three times. If you want to manifest something, repeat it three times. And if you're going to create more energy behind your manifestation, do it with a total of three people present. 

Ceremony and "magic numbers" aren't just for witches. I'm not a witch, but I'm a huge fan of ceremony and when I write a wish down, I fold the paper in thirds and repeat the wish three times out loud. I also burn a lot of incense because the smoky stuff feels mystical to me. I usually light something on fire somewhere along the line...a piece of paper or maybe I use some special incense that goes up in flames. I tend to do my ceremonies alone, but I do believe that when two or more people are present, the increase in energy is not just additive, but exponential. We can accomplish more "magic" in groups than by our lonesome.

So if there's something specific that you want to accomplish, why not make a little ceremony around it? You can use the moon...bring things into your life when the moon is waxing or full...release things from your life when it's waning or dark. You can write something on a piece of paper and ceremonially tie it up in a bow...maybe put it under your pillow. You can release something by writing it on a rock and throwing it in the river. 

Whatever. Use your imagination. There are no rules to follow and you don't even have to do things in threes. Just do whatever feels sacred and right to you. Ceremony and saying something out loud makes it official in ways that can be truly inspiring. So start thinking about something special you can do to commemorate whatever it is you want to achieve or release in your life, then do something symbolic to show your commitment to it. 

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