Tuesday, October 9, 2012

10/10/12—Remembering Who You Are

Today's Draw: Father of Coins from the Margarete Petersen. Do you believe there is a part of you that is part of source? Is your humanness getting in the way of hearing, seeing and answering the call of your soul? How often do you find yourself forgetting who you are?

This week's posts are all about those times we feel like we're in a holding pattern...unsure of which way is forward or unable to move forward even if we know. 

Today's card is about building empires and legacies. But one of the things the Father of Coins learns along the way is that it's not just what you build, but how you build it. If the kingdom is built on ego and the need for external power, it's built on a shaky foundation. And it will fall. But if it's built from a place of oneness and connectedness, the whole of the kingdom is there to ensure it won't fall. 

Many of us are looking to build something new in our lives...or at the very least move on from something old. As we sit in our holding pattern waiting for inspiration or energy or SOMETHING to kick us in the arse, it might help to remember who we are. 

We are an essential part of something much greater. My buds Oprah and Iyanla were talking on TV the other day and Iyanla said she believes our souls are that part of God that comes down here to inhabit a human form and take on a human personality. That's not exactly what she said, but it's what I took from it because it's also what I believe. I just hadn't parsed it in those terms before. 

From time to time I talk about this amazing energy healing/visualization appointment I have every month. Anyway, one time I was there and looking for guidance and I visualized myself ascending into the puffy whiteness of what could be considered heaven and there were a bunch of angelic beings there. It seemed I was there for a "tune up" and they tuned me up by placing their hands on my head. And then they shoved me back "down" toward earth, kind of kicking me in the arse and saying "she's so funny. She's totally forgotten who she is." 

It makes me emotional just thinking about it now. Their attitude was like I was one of them—a divine being—and they were laughing because I had so completely bought into the delusion of being separate from Source. 

There is an enduring part of me and you and everyone else that is...whatever you want to call it...source—limitless, fearless, omnipotent, divine. And in being human we learn to limit ourselves. We learn to fear. We buy into our powerlessness. That is the power of the human ego...the power to drown out the voice of our divinity. 

So if you're afraid of moving into the unknown, remember who you are. If you're thinking of limiting your vision because what you REALLY want is too ambitious, remember who you are. And if you just don't feel like such-and-such is cut out for little old you, remember who you are. Any foundation build on fear, limitation and powerlessness isn't going to stand anyway. So, as long as we're just sitting here in a holding pattern, we may as well start entertaining solutions that our soul angels would look down on in pride. 


  1. Thanks, I needed to read that right now. Perfect timing as I only recently started remembering who I am. Got lost for a bit.

  2. Good! I needed to write it and remember myself. :)

  3. The past two weeks of your posts have resonated so much with me......thanks for the reminders of who we are!