Friday, November 2, 2012

11/3/12-11/4/12—Enjoying Your Extra Hour

Weekend Reading: Four of Cups from the Rohrig Tarot—Luxury. Despite being a really cool card with a great word, "luxury", on it, this Four of Cups actually warns about the dangers of getting too much of a good thing. What it means is that, after the high of riches and good times comes an inevitable crash. The "crashed state" may actually be nothing worse than your normal state, but after the high, it can feel pretty crappy. So we should definitely have a great time this weekend and enjoy it to its fullest. In fact, we get an extra hour of fabulosity this weekend, adding to the goodness, abundance and luxury. But remember to keep everything in perspective. Monday will come and it will suck. But no more than any other Monday...unless you let it. 

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