Sunday, February 3, 2013

2/4/13—Learning the Outcome

Today's Draw: Wheel of Life in the Outcome position from the Margarete Petersen Tarot and the Deck of 1000 Spreads. Is there something you're anxious to know the outcome of? Do you think we ever transcend all problems, even if it takes numerous lifetimes? What do you think that looks like?

Sometimes these draws with the Deck of 1000 Spreads are so perfect that I feel paranoid that you guys are going to think I draw certain cards on purpose, just to suit my agenda. I swear I don't!!! It's all random! Really!

The reason I say that is because today is one of those "perfect answer" days. And, of course, the question or position of Outcome is what everyone wants to know—how's it going to end? 

Well, according to today's card, it isn't. The wheel is a circle with beginning and no end. It just goes round and round. And while some things in our life may come to a close and we never have to deal with them again, for our souls, the cycle is eternal. 

In the next life, we'll do the same dances with the same people, though maybe we'll be on the other side of the table next time. And we've done the dance before, only this time maybe it wasn't so tragic as last time. Or maybe it's just like it was last time, but enough of the details have changed so as to make it look different. 

The same is true in this lifetime. For example, I could say I have nicer people in my life now than 30 years ago. But that's just my perception. I had as many nice people back then, but maybe gravitated toward the more troubled souls because I was one myself. So I didn't notice the nice people. 

The wheel keeps turning and thank god it does. Because with each turn it gives us another chance to get it right. And another chance to get it wrong...but maybe we've been making the right choices long enough that the wrong choices don't even stick to us anymore. 

Just today I was thinking about two situations where "the old me" would have made a different choice than the me today. And "the old me's" choices would have served only to stress me out and make me feel bad about myself. Which doesn't mean I'll never do anything that stresses me out or makes me feel about myself. Just that, for now, I've gotten past doing it in those particular ways. Today's outcome was good, but only temporary. And the wheel turns on. 

We make progress. We lift ourselves higher. We move our souls along on their journeys. But the story is ongoing. Once we reach a certain level of enlightenment, we might get the equivalent of "rich people's problems", but we still have problems. I mean, the Dalai Lama probably sometimes tires of being adored and having people hang on his every word. Those are enlightened people's problems...haha. 

Do we ever transcend? I'd like to think we do. Some schools of thought say at a certain level of enlightenment you don't have come back to the learning planes anymore. For all we know, there are planes of learning beyond "The Earth School". It occurs to me that, even if you learn it all and do it all and become a perfect being, you'll just be bored to tears. Being content all the time is really just the same as never changing. I mean, how good can content feel when it's the only thing available to feel?

So each of us probably has something in our lives right now that we're wondering's it going to end? And the answer is, it's not. If you squint really hard and soften your focus enough, you might be able to see a strange kind of comfort in that. Everything is passing. And everything comes around again. 

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